Monday, April 18, 2011

Opinion about Prezi

Prezi - the zooming presentation editor

A few days ago we used Prezi for a presentation about South America, it was a classroom work. Since all of us we have different activities and is difficult to meet in a place at the same time, the teacher recommends us to use Prezi. We said what is Prezi? non of us knew about that. We take a look, so we knew how it works, and then it was about us to use it.

In my opinion it was awesome, first because we can be all the team online in same place in the web making changes to the presentation in real time, but we were in different place in real life. Is like in cyberspace we were there, at Prezi. I really like that in the presentation you can see your friends and what are they doing, and even help them with their work. Also the way in which Prezi works, zooming is great, because with that kind of interaction you can keep your audience a little more interested in the topic than in PowerPoint.

I definitely would use Prezi again, I really like it, and this kind of zooming and rotating things are grear, I think thuis kind of presentation works in all levels, also in serious things like eengineering, you only need to know how much serious you want or need to make it in order to don't do so much rotation and zooming, but everyone should use it, it is fun, easy to use it and helps to keep your audience focus.

Take a look at our first Prezi. (aldo, simon, joachim)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Opinion about euthanasia

Lets start by defining Euthanasia, it comes from the Greek(εὐθανασία) meaning "good death": εὖ, eu (well or good) + θάνατος, thanatos (death). It refers to a practice of ending a life in a manner which relieves pain and suffering. According to the House of Lords Select Committee on Medical Ethics, the precise definition of euthanasia is a "deliberate entervention undertaken with the express intention of ending a life, to relieve intractable suffering."

In  my opinion, euthanasia is a good way in which you can help a person to die in a better way when you think is time to go for that person, because sometimes you are in a situation in which apparently you can't do anymore, just finish suffering and die, in that case i think euthanasia is a good solution.

The problem is that sometimes you don't know what can happens, maybe that person can wake up and live a better life after the sickness, I think is too difficult to decide to finish with the life of a person, but is a decision you need to take based on the love you have for that person, your ethics, your religion, all. You are suppose to know that person, so you need to know what is better for him/her.

I don't think I can stop a persons suffering by killing him, it doesn't matter if is by unplug him, giving a drink, or an intravenous injection, I think I am so selfish to let a person I love go in that way, so I am not the person for that job...

Right now think about Gustavo Cerati, Argentinian singer, and ex-leader of the band, Soda Estereo, He is in a long comma, nearly eleven months, after he suffers a stroke. Her mother says that he is getting better, he has some reactions, but he can't open the eyes, so its difficult to say if he is going to get up, but the faith is the last that dies.

Gustavo Cerati's news.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Summary Get him to the Greek

It starts with a famous singer Aldous Snow and his also artist girlfriend Jackie Q, both were in Africa filming the videoclip for the new release song of Aldous "african child". The song was horrible and was declared the worst song in the world.
Then Aldous starts to loose some popularity and it is difficult for him to continue on top, Jackie Q leaves him and of that he finiches with his mom in a very nice apartment in london.
Meanwhile in LA at pinnacle records a guy named Aaron thinks about a good idea to make money for the record house, this includes a concert in the Greek theater in LA. He goes to London to bring snow to LA, but because some party's, they miss some planes, finally they make it to NY and Snow go to a presentation.
Then they go to Las Vegas to visit Snow´s father and the excesses continues. Even this guy named Aaron gets involved in this hurricane of excesses and his girlfriend also leaves him.
The moral in this movie is that a life of drugs, alcohol and girls don´t make you happy, because at the end you´re going to feel empty in your interior. Try to live easy without excesses with the people that really love you, and you are going to live happily ever after.

Music video African child